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Hi this is Marcos from Moone Worms. This update is for the most effective way to fish a Moone Worm. (Remember these are my personal preferences and techniques they may differ from other anglers)  
 Technique 1
 For Moone Worms  
Dough bait anglers- I use a Carolina Keeper and a 1/8 ounce weight .When fishing with dough bait or salmon eggs. I will put a Moone Worm on one of the treble hooks then cover the rest with the bait of your choice. Cast out and wait for a bite.     
 Technique 2 (part 1)   
 For Moone Worms And Moone Minnows
The drop shot technique by far is my favorite rig for suspended Trout. Start by tying a Palomar knot with a good size tag line.  I use #8 Mosquito hook however, you can go up or down on the hook size it’s your personnel preference. I use a Carolina keeper with a 1/8 bullet weight at the bottom. I have seen people use split shots or drop shot weights but, remember use what makes you feel confident while fishing. Cast out and give your rod a few twitches pause for a few moments then repeat.  Change the amount of twitches and pause time to see what kind of retrieve the fish are hitting on that day (Note) sometimes a pause or twitch is not needed I have caught a lot of trout with just a slow presentation.  
 Technique 2 (Part 2)
For Moone Worms and Moone Minnows
Dead sticking- Dead sticking is a technique used from the drop method the only thing you do is cast out and leave the worm floating.
Technique 3    
For Moone Worms and Moone Minnows
Jigging for Trout is a quick and effective way to locate and target schools of trout. I use a jig head 1/32, 1/64, or a (Size 8 Mosquito Hook with a small split shot attached to the line). The split shot length is going to depend on the depth of the water or the column you wish to fish. You may also add a bobber to aid for distance or to help you visualize strikes on those windy days.  Twitch the rod a couple of times then pause. Change retrieve according to the day’s bites. When you see the bobber disappear set the hook!!!!  
 If you should have any questions about the techniques or Moone Worms email or Facebook us. Thanks for reading! 
                YOU WANNA WIN PUT MOONE IN 
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